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The recent attack on InfoWars and Alex Jones represents an unprecedented move against free speech by leftists, many of whom are now openly stating that they couldn’t care less about the First Amendment rights of Americans.

During a recent segment of The Alex Jones Show that you can watch at, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, spoke with Jones not only about the rampant censorship Jones is facing across nearly all of the major social media platforms, but also about the ways Jones is being flagrantly misrepresented by the mainstream media.

“The portrayal of you in the media is utterly false and completely distorted, so people don’t even really know what you stand for,” Adams stated during the interview.

“I put out a tweet … that said, hey, reminding everybody, Alex Jones is pro-organic food, he’s against pesticides, he’s against herbicides, he’s against toxic GMOs. Alex Jones is in favor of homeschooling, preparedness, home gardening – all of these issues that people on the left claim to care about, and no one’s ever heard that about you.”

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Jones: President Trump needs to make a move in support of free speech

The takedown of Jones by Big Tech, for reasons that remain largely unknown but that are clearly unsubstantiated, has set an ominous precedent for online free speech. Jones is convinced that he was simply the test case, and that more censorship of conservative voices is soon on the way.

“Trump needs to act now,” Jones said during the interview. “Instead, they’ve had hearings where the Republicans literally act like they’ve got 70 IQs,” he added, pointing to the fact that establishment “conservatives” are demonstrating that they lack the backbone to take action on their own.

Part of the problem is legislation known as the Communications Decency Act (CDA), and specifically section 230, which basically shields the tech giants from all liability related to free speech infringements.

“There are some aspects of that law that are good, but it also allows them to engage in discriminatory censorship against people for political reasons,” Adams warned.

The time is NOW for regulatory bodies like the FTC and the FEC to stop Big Tech from silencing conservative voices and stealing the upcoming midterm elections

If President Trump, Congress, and regulatory bodies like the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) continue to do nothing to address this assault against the First Amendment, then conservatives can kiss the upcoming midterm elections goodbye.

“This has to be legislative attacked, or attacked from a regulatory point of view, you know I’ve mentioned RICO act violations,” Adams declared.

“The Federal Trade Commission could go after Facebook right now for monopoly behavior, or the FEC for election fraud or attempts to steal the upcoming midterm elections. There are a number of regulatory agencies that could take action right now if they wanted to.”

“If Trump issued an executive order to protect, say, something like an internet bill of rights for the people,” added Adams, “sadly, a lot of lower court judges, they believe they have judicial power to override the president, even though constitutionally they don’t, but they try to assert that, and so far they’ve been successful in doing that.”

The good news is that plans for an internet bill of rights are already in the works. It remains to be seen, however, if this movement in favor of free speech will gain enough traction to have a formidable impact, especially before November 6.

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