Left-wing social media giants ban SGT Report in an ongoing attempt to silence pro-Trump America

As we have been regularly reporting, the social media giants — YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Google — have been systematically banning or censoring conservative, pro-Trump content for months now.

The plan, so to speak, is to silence anyone who does not toe the Marxist-Left line, all in a bid to help increasingly Left-wing Democrats win back power in Washington and elsewhere. The Left can’t compete idea-for-idea with the Right so it has to silence Right-leaning media and voices in order to ‘win’ the debate.

In recent days, All News Pipeline reported that another popular pro-liberty site, SGT Report, had its YouTube channel terminated without any justification, thereby causing the site a substantial economic and operational disruption.

All News Pipeline noted that the takedown appears related to a viral video SGT Report posted titled, “The Deep State Criminals Just Went ALL IN — THIS IS WAR.” The video pointed out that Obama-era officials including former CIA Director John Brennan, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, special counsel Robert Mueller, and former FBI Director James Comey are engaged in all-out war against POTUS Donald Trump and his presidency, as well as our constitutional republic and the American people.

Brennan, Clapper, et. al. became hysterical, along with their Left-wing establishment media allies, over the White House’s suggestion that the president was considering revoking their security clearances a day after Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky. suggested it.

All News Pipeline reported further:

And with that video going viral for several days, helping to ‘awaken’ even more Americans to the crimes of the corrupted faction of the deep state in America, we weren’t the least bit surprised to wake up Monday morning and find that not only that video but the entire SGT Report youtube channel with their 345,000+ subscribers and many viral videos has been completely taken down. 

SGT Report now has a back-up channel but it has 300,000 fewer subscribers than the main channel YouTube just took down. The site also has a Real.Video channel. (Related: Online censorship is a WAR against human knowledge and sustainable civilization.)

Fascism reveals itself on the Left, not the Right

This is just the latest attempt to censor the American Right by the Left-wing Nazis who run the Silicon Valley tech giants — and it comes about a week after Google/YouTube, Facebook and Twitter were defended by Democrats during a congressional hearing aimed at uncovering improper censoring of conservatives. Some Democratic members even called for outright bans against Infowars and other sites they claim are pushing “conspiracy theories” (by those standards the Washington Post, CNN, The New York Times, USA Today and every other establishment media publication should also be shut down for pushing baseless conspiracies about POTUS Trump and “Russian collusion”).

In addition to curbing Right-leaning, Trump-supporting voices, the social media behemoths are also trying to starve smaller conservative and independent sites to death. Banning or censoring or down-rating content from conservative and independent media also reduces the amount of revenue those sites need to remain in business. And of course, the Left-wing establishment media is right on board with it.

As one reader responded to the linked New York Times article in the above paragraph noted, it’s fascist to use any method aimed at shutting down speech and expression, no matter how offensive you may personally find it. “Choose your fascism,” the reader noted because it’s the same no matter which side of the political fence it’s coming from.

There’s also something else that needs to be understood and argued frequently. The Left has ordained to itself the authority to decide who is and is not a racist/bigot/fascist/Nazi, evidence to the contrary be damned; where did that authority come from?

In other words, we should never allow the Left to define who Trump supporters and conservatives really are.

Meantime, it appears obvious that alternatives to these Left-wing social media sites — and revenue — are in order.

Read more about social media censorship at Censorship.news.

J.D. Heyes is also editor-in-chief of The National Sentinel.

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